I was initially going to put an Aegislash here.


バージョン 3.5.0, 2023年12月30日

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30 December 2023: Fixed Tera Starstorm calculating STAB as 2× in Terastallization when it should be 1.2×, since Tera Starstorm becomes Stellar type and does not receive STAB. Terapagos now also automatically changes to Stellar form when Terastallized.

24 December 2023: Added Pokémon from The Indigo Disk, as well as support for the Stellar Tera Type. See the full changelog for more details.

11 July 2020: Added a new survival calculator mode into this app. You can now make EV calculations to survive specific attacks. This feature is currently in beta, so if you find any bugs, please contact us using the form here. If the bug is legitimate, your name will be listed as a contributor in a future update. To access the old calculator, please click here.


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