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バージョン 3.3.7, 2023年3月02日

アプリケーションの読み込み。 お待ちください...

2 March 2023: Added Iron Leaves and Walking Wake.

18 November 2022: Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet have been added. We hope you all enjoy the game, and happy holidays! As usual, if you spot any bugs with the app, please contact us using this form. Translations for the new Pokémon names and moves will be coming soon for the other languages on this app.

11 July 2020: Added a new survival calculator mode into this app. You can now make EV calculations to survive specific attacks. This feature is currently in beta, so if you find any bugs, please contact us using the form here. If the bug is legitimate, your name will be listed as a contributor in a future update. To access the old calculator, please click here.


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