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Version 0.5.0, 26 January 2023

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Base 64 Converter is a lightweight application designed to convert text strings and files into the Base 64 format. All of its code runs in the browser, which means that no data is sent to us during the encoding process.

The application was explicitly designed to be as simple and as lightweight possible, as many of the free Base 64 encoder-decoders out there are full of clutter and visual bloat — it is not easy to navigate about these applications at all.

The converter comes with a variety of options for different situations. It is able to receive files in both text and file formats, as well as output the result in a format to be used as an inline web resource.


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Feedback Welcome

As a recently-released application, this converter is still a work-in-progress. The most immediate feature planned for it is support for different character encoding types. We are also testing the application for bugs, so please send any bugs you find using our contact form here!

In future, we are planning to also add the following features:

  1. Fallback for browsers without Javascript enabled to use the PHP backend for encoding.
  2. Chunking of output data into rows, for readability and use in certain applications.
  3. Proper handling of newline across Windows and Unix platforms.

Thank you for using Base 64 Converter!

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