Project Information

Fairprice Retail Quality Assessment (RQA) is a web application that was created to assist NTUC Fairprice — one of the leading supermarket chains in Singapore — with monthly assessment operations of their retail outlets found across the country. These assessments were done to maintain hygiene and quality standards in their products.

Traditionally done using pen and paper, Fairprice RQA made these assessment operations much easier by automating the result tabulation process. Receiving assessments from store surveyors in the field through iPads, Fairprice RQA generates a variety of graphs and tables for Fairprice's managers to track trends and patterns.

On top of that, the application also streamlines administration processes by serving as a hub where assessors and branch managers communicate. It hosts various commenting systems, as well as an approval and review system for assessment results.




Full Web Application Development


CodeIgniter MVC Framework