virtual email hosting

A new email hosting service, made for businesses using an existing @gmail.com address.

Use the same Inbox you love

Don't worry about spending more money to migrate your emails, or getting used to a new mailbox interface. Our service works with your existing Gmail or Hotmail accounts, so you can continue sending your business emails using the same mailbox you are familiar with — using your business email, of course.

Enjoy cutting-edge spam filtering

Mass email hosting services for businesses often have outdated spam filtering services, causing them to be ineffective in recognising spam mail. With virtual email hosting, the responsibility of spam filtering will fall upon the mailbox of your choice. This means that, if you choose to link your business account to Gmail, you will get protected by one of the world's best anti-spam apps.

Keep your emails out of the Junk folder

Newly-registered business email addresses often have Sent emails end up in the Junk folder, because many email providers do not set up their email policies properly for clients. With our SPF and DKIM compliant policy set ups, your emails will score highly on sites such as mail-tester.com and mxtoolbox.com and get through spam filters without ending up in Junk mail.

Backward compatibility

After your new email has been set up, both your new email and the old Gmail / Hotmail one will use the same mailbox. This means that you will continue receiving your clients' emails in the same mailbox, no matter the email address clients choose to send you email at. That means you don't have to check 2 mailboxes to keep on top of all your clients' emails.