Sci-Fi Office Pack is a Unity Asset Store package that includes over 350 office and science fiction-themed assets for creating interiors. These props are created with modularity in mind, and are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Assets include: Office Sofas (Straight, Round, U-shaped and L-shaped), Sofa Pillows (4 Sizes), Generic Desks (7 variants), Computer Desk, Monitor (12 variants), Keyboard and Desktop Accessories (13 variants), High-Tech Computer Terminal, Lockers, Robot Arms (3 variants), LED Lights, Air-con Vents, Carpets, Metal Racks, Crates, Modular Walls, Metal Fences and Windows.

Compatibility: Supports Unity's URP and HDRP.

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Full Version (v1.3.0)
Free Version (v1.2.0)

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