In collaboration with Keio-NUS CUTE Center, The Lil Farmer Series is a trio of games designed for children aged 2 to 5 on keypad and touch-screen mobiles. The games were intended to teach its players the names of common animals, body parts, colours, and basic arithmetic with colourful characters and backgrounds.

Click on the screenshots of the games below to play them. Use the arrow keys to play keypad versions, and the mouse (or touch screen) to play the touch versions.


Macromedia Flash 8


Game Designer / Programmer / Animator

The Herding

A simple game where players match silhouettes to animals, The Herding is a game that is designed to teach children the names of common animals and their pronunciations.

Fruit Orchard

In this game, players are required to pick coloured fruits from trees according to the instructions given. It aims to teach children the names of common everyday colours we come across.


A dress-up game where players pick costumes for a strawman, this game teaches children the names of different body parts by requiring them to match clothing items to the body parts they are worn on.

On phones, the game automatically saves the last clothing configuration that was made on it.